Since there has been some recent discussion as of this writing that Neve Campbell is in talks to revive the hero that is her Scream alter ego Sidney Prescott, I thought it would be great to highlight all the ways Sidney was a badass, the obstacles she faced, and the lessons we learned from her.

Name: Sidney Prescott

Where you may know her from: Scream franchise

Her journey: Sidney lived in a town where the murder of her mother made her the top topic for gossip and side-eye from her fellow neighbors. Timid and soft spoken, while dealing with a father who was rarely home, she was super cautious and often nervous. When the town is rocked by a string of murders by a masked killer, with a leaning towards horror movie tropes, Sidney is thrown in the middle of the mix as it all has something to do with her life and past. 

Lessons learned (spoilers ahead)

  1. Gaslighting is bad and sometimes boyfriends are shitty: Sidney had to deal with a boyfriend with serious issues that were beyond her control. Thinking he loved her she eventually slept with him, only to find out immediately after the deed was done that he was one of the masked killers! The signs of course were there. He often pressured her into being more intimate than she was comfortable with, and had a way of answering questions that made her think she was being too suspicious instead of him truly addressing her doubts. We learned from Sidney that ignoring red flags (and bloody knives) in relationships can come back to haunt us in deadly ways.
  2. Don’t let gossip and haters get you down: Sidney’s mother was no angel. It appears she had affairs with various men in the town that was the cause of some broken homes. This in turn made it so Sidney felt shame for her past and family as though she was tarnished. Yet, we find out that plenty of people in the town had their own issues and transgressions. Sidney had no reason to walk around in shame because often the insults thrown at her were more projections from the people insulting her rather than any fault of her own. That’s often the case in real life too.

Sidney’s best quality: Perseverance– Sidney is someone who walked around with her fragile heart on her sleeve, trying to find little moments of joy in her life despite the trauma she experienced. Her trauma ran deep, but she managed to push through where she could.