Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work there’s always something slowing you down?

You’re on a journey to find what makes you happy.

Dangers to that journey can stand in your way.

These dangers, or “monsters” as I like to call them, can come in many forms: unexpected emergencies, delays, disorganization, misinformation, and even mental dangers.

But these monsters don’t have to overtake you.

That’s where Final Girl Survival comes in

I believe that every woman deserves to go on her path to joy and self realization without living in fear of being unprepared for the “monsters” life may throw her way.

But who am I?

Hey Final Girl! My name is Chauncey!

Chauncey K. Robinson - Final Girl Survival founder

I’m a horror fan, so I get inspiration from the Final Girls in those movies who are the heroes of their story.

I’m a professional writer. I’ve spent years researching and reporting on the non-fiction struggles of the world, and even analyzing the stories we see on the screen as a film and tv critic. I’ve worked hard to help put forth messages of resilience in the face of struggle by reporting on those in the very heart of it.

I’m someone constantly diving deeper into what makes life purposeful and engaging. What it means to exists and thrive are topics that I love to explore.

I’m on my journey too, aiming for higher vibrations and better living.

And I’d like to share that journey with you.

You’re a woman getting her shit together. That shouldn’t be sabotaged when other shit hits the fan.

How can Final Girl Survival help you?

FINAL GIRL SURVIVAL is a place for resources and inspiration to help us on our journey into being the Final Girl of the movie that is our LIFE.

Some of those major resources are:

  • Giving you survival life hacks and guides to make your day (and life) easier
  • Providing inspiration through the stories of other Final Girls who conquered the monsters of life.
  • Making sure your passions continue to shine bright!

Every woman can be a Final Girl

It’s a mind set, and preparation is half the battle.

You can survive and thrive. You can lead the life you want.

You are worthy and capable. Final Girl Survival is about helping you realize and actualize it.

We don’t have to be victims in this journey called LIFE. We can be Final Girls.

Chauncey K. R.